Monday, March 9, 2009

Readers respond over Palin abortion bombshell

We've received loads of angry emails, most of them revolving around a single point.

That is: Palin's other potential choice, Eric Smith, is a tree hugger who might be pro-choice.

What makes you think Eric Smith "is pro life?" Are you basing that on the Alaska family Council endorsement? I haven't read anywhere where he is, in fact, pro life.

No, we don't know for certain what Smith's views on abortion are, but we do know he didn't sit on Planned Parenthood's board.

It's like choosing between a Walmart clerk to baby-sit your kid, or a convicted felon. We have no idea who that Walmart clerk really is, but we've got a pretty clear sense of who the convicted felon is.

So we don't know how Smith would have turned out. But based on her record, we've got a pretty good suspicion of what type of judge Christen would be.

If Sarah Palin is pro-life, and if she really thinks abortion is killing babies, then she's just appointed someone who's comfortable with murder to the state's high court.

But this debate isn't about abortion.

It's about a politician who's become synonymous with the pro-life movement abandoning her principles at conservatives' greatest hour of need.

And it's about the strength of Palin's support.

Die-hard, pro-life activists are contorting themselves into every possible shape to try and forget that Sarah Palin has appointed a former Planned Parenthood advocate to be the decisive vote on the state's supreme court.

That's why a candidate's base is called a candidate's base -- it's there for you, no matter what.