Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Team Campbell embraces "FCINO"

Tom Campbell's team is sending a fundraising email, trying to capitalize on Carly Fiorina's viral "FCINO" ad.

While POLITICO magazine is reporting that "Tom Campbell could make 2010 Sen. Barbara Boxer's toughest campaign in years," the Carly Fiorina campaign is attacking Tom with an outrageous new ad political analysts and the media are calling "weird," "bizarre" and "inept."

With America's deficit hitting $1.3 trillion this year, Tom's looking forward to a mature and substantive debate on serious issues, not silly antics.

Carly's ad likens fiscal conservatives to sheep, and Tom to a demon sheep, without mentioning a single federal issue or proposing a single solution to America's economic woes. Seriously.

When you view the "weirdest campaign attack ad ever," you'll know why it's being called "clumsy," "over-the-top," "monstrous," "painful" and "a source of ridicule for bloggers."

With that being said -- they'd like you to know that "Now's the time to consider contributing to Tom's campaign".

Honestly, despite what everyone's saying, I didn't have a beef with the ad.