Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thune: Iowa caucuses suit my style

A must-read interview with John Thune in The Rapid City Journal, where he gives the time-line for a possible run, tries walking back a bit of the Weekly Standard's cover piece on him, and talks about the Iowa caucuses.

The caucuses:

“I try not to get ahead of myself in talking about it. But if you were to game something out, that would be a big part of it,” he said of the benefits of the Iowa caucuses. “I think you could run more of a retail campaign there, which is more my style, anyway.”

The Timeline:

“I wouldn’t anticipate anything being formalized until sometime next year. If I decided I was serious about that, I’d be looking at a winter-spring time frame.... I’d say by next June, you’ve got to be in the thing.”

The Standard's cover piece:

[Stephen] Hayes “asked a lot of direct questions, and I tried to answer them honestly,” Thune said. “I think the interpretation of that piece once it came out was more forward leaning than I intended. I don’t characterize it as being much more than we’ve been saying on this.”

His potential opponents:

Thune said other candidates for the GOP nomination in 2012 are already building and developing campaign networks in Iowa and other key primary states.

“I haven’t been doing that. We’re not doing what some of them are,” he said.