Monday, October 11, 2010

Dick Morris: "I am opposed to Mitt Romney"

Dick Morris slams Mitt Romney and his Massachusetts health care program to scattered applause from a tea party audience in Orlando.

"I am opposed to Mitt Romney -- opposed to him.

.... two years ago, I just didn't support him, but I wasn't opposed to him. But then I got educated on health care, and I saw how horrible that bill that he signed is working in Massachusetts, because it's doubled, and now it's like a four month wait to see an internist in Boston. It used to be six days.

And the prime objective -- the number one objective that I think we have to set for next year is to defund that health care monstrosity."

Morris added that he loves Mike Huckabee "to death", but doesn't think he'll run for President again. Both Morris and Huck are on the Fox payroll, but their appearances rarely intersect, so it might be a stretch to think that Morris has some hidden window into Huck's plans.

Vid via Freedom's Lighthouse.