Monday, October 4, 2010

Palin: I bite my tongue

Sarah Palin, apparently, doesn't always listen to herself.

From Friday's appearance on Mark Levin's show (about 8 minutes in).

LEVIN: Let me ask you about Todd.

Now Todd's a red-blooded American, so if Todd's anything like me, when he hears some of these jerks attacking you -- now don't say anything that's gonna gets you in trouble -- he probably wants to pound the hell out of them.

But he's a good husband. He doesn't want to cause any trouble for you, you know and so forth, and he knows the media's all over there.

But in the quiet, doesn't he say to you "You know, I'd love to kick that guy's you-know-what"?

Tell me the truth.

PALIN: Oh, sure, we say that to each other. I'm the one who usually offers it up, going "Man, I wish I could just kick his butt", but no, we bite our tongue.