Friday, October 15, 2010

Sanford's 70%

A new poll shows 70% of South Carolinians giving Mark Sanford a grade of "C" or better as governor.

The Governor, on Tuesday.

“There is amazing grace in this state.

I never comprehended the nature of forgiveness and grace as I do now.”

If you remember, a Rasmussen poll last month showed his approval rating at a surprisingly high 55%/43%.

The State notes, somewhat incredulously, that Sanford's political career might not be "dead", as the governor had conceded shortly after the affair.

And in a recent interview with the WSJ, he said he might not be done with politics and a run for something or other.

"Never say never," Mr. Sanford said, declining to reveal specific plans.

Emails -- especially erotic ones-- rarely end with a period marking a conclusion.

[Hat tip: Miami Herald]