Monday, November 8, 2010

Michael Savage picks DeMint

Michael Savage, after being asked by Newsmax magazine whom he's supporting in 2012.

5:10 in.

SAVAGE: At this time, someone who's not running -- Jim DeMint.

NEWSMAX: What do you think he brings to the table, or what is it about him, specifically, that you like?

SAVAGE: Well, for one: he was working the conservative beat when it was completely unpopular. He was rejected by his own party for being too conservative. He's now come out as a big kingmaker in the legislative elements of things.

He's also a great gentleman, he's a fine speaker. He speaks in a measured tone, and very, very directly but also very quietly.

I think he's very electable. I don't know whether he wants to run.

He added that a good VP candidate for DeMint would be Allen West.