Thursday, January 6, 2011

The dirty, gritty fighter in Tim Pawlenty

Matt Lewis has a great interview with Tim Pawlenty with a lot of nice buzzy stuff going on.

But if you look at its whole, you'll come away with one impression. He's really milking the implicit blue-collar vs. white-collar war with Mitt Romney.

T-Paw uses the following words/phrases in the interview:

"blue-collar" (2x), "fingernails dirty", "grit and stuff of real life", "truck driver", "meat-packing", "lunch-bucket", "kitchen table", "half a tank of gas", "Gordy Howe", "puked", "pro-beer", "pro-hockey", "scrapper", "fighter", "John Mellencamp", and "Springsteen."

And let's not forget this sentence.

".... there's a bunch of people running the country all these years from Harvard and Yale and Wall Street. You know, they screwed it up."