Friday, January 21, 2011

Huckabee eyes summer for decision

On Fox News this morning, Mike Huckabee offered both a timeline for his presidential decision, and -- as notably-- an explanation for the timeline.

FOX HOST MARTHA MACCALLUM: How and when will you make your decision?

HUCKABEE: Much later. Probably in the summer. I'll look at all the options...

MACCALLUM: [interrupting] ... why's everybody waiting so long?

HUCKABEE: For me, having done this four years ago, I realize that very few people can sustain the burn rate of a campaign if it's going to have to last 18 months.

You can't raise and go through that much money and the infrastructure necessary to carry the campaign.

The second reason is that, frankly, it's a reason of some illness.

I think people get sick of us if we're out there for too long a period of time, and by the time it starts to matter -- when you're getting closer to the caucuses and the primaries -- you've been so, just, essentially, exposed in a campaign mode that there's nothing new.

You're the stale loaf of bread on the shelf, and it's very difficult to make your message fresh.

It's a fascinating exchange, because up until now, Huckabee has usually explained a delayed announcement based on ambivalence about a run.

That could still be true, but today, he's added a strategic component to his explanation.