Friday, January 7, 2011

Huckabee: Hold Obama accountable on debt ceiling

On Neil Cavuto's show this afternoon, Mike Huckabee called on Republicans to hold Barack Obama to his erstwhile position on the debt ceiling.

"One of the things that gives this a little bit of juice for the Republicans is that Senator Barack Obama in 2006 stood on the Senate floor with an impassioned speech, saying that we should not raise the debt limit, that it was the lack of leadership, and that George Bush was just completely derelict in duty by asking Congress to raise that debt limit.

What the Republicans need to do is to not become the bad boys, but to simply take the President at his word, and say 'Mr. President, we certainly don't think you've made this radical a change in just a few years, so we're going to take you up on it. You were right then. Rarely, do we think you're right, but by golly, we think you're right this time. We're going to do what you suggested.'

Make him say why that things are so different that his rhetoric then doesn't match what he now says would be this catastrophic moment today."