Friday, January 21, 2011

Newt: Obama shifting toward Clinton model

Newt Gingrich talks with Human Events' Jason Mattera in this much buzzed interview with Human Events.

MATTERA: With Bill Daley now in the White House, another Clinton official in the Obama Administration.

GINGRICH: I mean, I think it's fascinating. You're sort of seeing the beginning of the third term of the Clintons, because the first two years of Obama was such a failure in popular acceptance -- the very cost of ramming through left-wing spending and left-wing bills, creating left wing bureaucracies -- has been a repudiation on such a scale that the president finds himself drawn more and more.... to people who are Clintonites.

It must be fascinating to be in one of those left-wing activist groups that spent so much time and effort beating Hillary Clinton, because they didn't want to see this kind of administration.

This can't help but remind me of one of my favorite Gingrich quotes (because it's so Newt) from an interview last November.

"One of the reasons that Barack Obama beat Senator Clinton for the Democratic nomination is that the Left has never fully forgiven Bill Clinton for having agreed with me."