Friday, January 7, 2011

Pawlenty on the debt ceiling

In what's a tricky issue right now, Tim Pawlenty tells the National Review that if the debt ceiling has to be raised, it has to be raised, but only if it has to be raised.

NRO: Should congressional Republicans raise the debt ceiling?

Pawlenty: I’m not for more debt, and if there’s any way to avoid that, they should not raise the ceiling. We have to get spending under control, but we also have to make sure they don’t wound the economy in the process.

You’ve got a bunch of people holding our debt and the signal that it sends if you can’t actually back it up…I think it’s fine to say that we’re not going to raise the debt ceiling, but you had better make sure you can live on that amount of money.

If they can, they should. I think they should exhaust the possibility of cuts before raising the debt ceiling again.

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