Thursday, January 27, 2011

Report: Pence won't run for president

Howey Politics:

U.S. Rep. Mike Pence has ruled out a run for national office and will tour the state in the next few months, informed and reliable sources tell Howey Politics Indiana.

The sources say that Pence has not made a final decision about a run for governor, keeping open the option of running for reelection in the 6th CD.

So now the field is open for Mitch Daniels, although it's hard to see how the Indiana Governor can find a way to patch together a winning coalition any better than Pence.

I'm wondering if Barack Obama's rising approval ratings and political fortunes had anything to do (at least in some, small way) with his ultimate decision.

Now Pence can run for governor, win easily, and wait for a 2016 presidential bid with both executive experience and the good-will of those backing him this time.

For Pence, it's a smart, good move. For the GOP, which has lost a strong presidential candidate, not so much.

UPDATE: Fundraising was an issue.