Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dick Morris likes Gingrich best

On Sean Hannity's show last night, GOP strategist Dick Morris said his favorite, major '12 candidate was one closely-tied to his boss, Bill Clinton, during the 1990's.

"I personally like Gingrich the most, because I think he can destroy Obama in a debate, but he's got negatives, and he'll have to overcome that."

Morris had his typically gloomy take on Mitt Romney, as well.

"I do not like Romney. He's the only one I really attack.

I want to be sure that the new president will repeal ObamaCare, and since he enacted the equivalent of ObamaCare in Massachusetts.... I can't trust him on that."

Last year, Morris said:

"I am opposed to Mitt Romney -- opposed to him.

.... two years ago, I just didn't support him, but I wasn't opposed to him.

But then I got educated on health care, and I saw how horrible that bill that he signed is working in Massachusetts."