Monday, March 21, 2011

Gingrich: Obama hides behind golf

Newt Gingrich, on Fox News this morning.

"It strikes me that the more difficult it gets, the more the president golfs and the more the president hides.

That's why, quite frankly, I was critical last week of his coming up with his Final Four for basketball.

... the idea that the president of the United States -- in this scale of crisis -- spending his time on looking at the slots in basketball, deciding which bracket should be which one, and who's going to win what.

The president of the United States ought to be focused on national security, on job creation, on controlling the debt.

This is a serious job and requires a serious approach."

Last week, Gingrich slammed Obama's "fixation" on the NCAA tourney, claiming the president had "checked out" of dealing with international problems.