Friday, March 11, 2011

Laura Ingraham slams Jeb Bush for Obama meeting

Last night, conservative talk show host, Laura Ingraham, ripped Jeb Bush for appearing at an education event with Barack Obama last week.

"The bottom line is Jeb Bush knows his state is a battleground state in the next election. He knows the president, for all intents and purposes, has kicked off his reelection bid.

So it's a little interesting -- to say the least -- for Jeb Bush to offer his own credibility and his own gravitas to the president in this event.

It isn't as bad as Charlie Crist embracing him for the stimulus package, but it was pretty close."

Later, she offered a broader indictment of Jeb -- one reflective of the fact that Bush isn't as popular among the tea party set as many assume.

"I think it's just an interesting question for Bush supporters to have to answer: why do you think -- at the kick-off, essentially, of the 2012 campaign -- did Jeb Bush feel like it was important to appear on-stage with Barack Obama?

They're together, basically, on globalism, they're together on amnesty. I think Jeb Bush and Barack Obama have a lot more in common on some key issues than Jeb Bush has with the tea party movement.

That's interesting, and I think that's worth discussing."