Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fox & Friends hits Pawlenty over "Depends" comment

On Dennis Miller's radio show yesterday, Tim Pawlenty said Barack Obama "probably" needs a pair of Depends when he's getting daily intelligence briefings.

That led to Fox & Friends' co-host, Brian Kilmeade, saying T-Paw went a little far, and most interestingly, Gretchen Carlson picking up on what loads of pundits have and noting T-Paw's increasingly aggressive rhetoric as he tries to gain traction and name ID.


"The reason I bring him being up on the show a few months ago, is because you could see a strategy in play of Tim Pawlenty trying to get little more tough, so now the question is whether or not that's acceptable as being tough."

Pawlenty's original comment:

"I think what happens now is that the intelligence folks come in and brief him in the morning, and he's [Obama] probably looking for a pair of Depends."

Vid via Mediaite.