Monday, April 4, 2011

Huntsman ally: Pawlenty ads create "artificial excitement"

The Republican ad-maker behind Carly Fiorina's demon sheep ad, Fred Davis, talks about the ad-maker behind Tim Pawlenty's slew of movie-like videos, Lucas Baiano:

He says that there's no question Baiano has the eye needed to produce spots, and calls him the "perfect choice for Pawlenty to bring on because the one thing he does bring is artificial excitement.

.... It is exactly the right approach for Tim. I think it will help. But the question for Lucas is, can he expand his repertoire from being a one-trick pony?"

And why the somewhat caustic words from Davis?

He's working for Horizon PAC -- the political action committee that's serving as a "campaign-in-waiting" for Jon Huntsman.

Btw, Pawlenty vs. Huntsman could turn into quite the battle to be the establishment alternative to Mitt Romney.

Last month, Vin Weber -- the co-chairman of Pawlenty's PAC -- told me about Huntsman:

“He is a mystery to everybody I know, including me. … No one can see what his path to the nomination is. Having worked for Barack Obama the past two years is not the best recommendation for the Republican nomination.”

GOP lobbyist, Allen Shofe -- who would serve as a congressional liaison to a Huntsman bid -- replied.

"[Huntsman is] the only prospective candidate with broad foreign policy experience. Some may call that résumé mysterious. I’d call it victorious."

That's a harsh volley between the camps at such an early date.