Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nick Ayers was torn on Pawlenty, Barbour decision

Robert Costa has a good interview with Nick Ayers -- the 28-year old whizkid, whom Tim Pawlenty tapped this week to run his campaign.

One issue: Ayers passing by his old boss, Haley Barbour, who's also likely to run.

“I have tremendous respect for Governor Barbour,” Ayers says. Choosing “among friends, on a personal level,” he adds, was stressful.

“When I began making a decision about who was the best candidate — to propose bold, conservative solutions and defeat President Obama — it was a clear choice for me. But for personal reasons, obviously, it was difficult.”

As for his final decision, Ayers says you should In-trade Pawlenty.

“My view on Governor Pawlenty is that he is like a good investment or a good start-up company,” he says.

“The time to invest is when the price is low. My theory was, invest low, win high. I don’t believe that there is a better investment in Republican politics right now.”