Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Palin: Too early for exploratory committee

Sarah Palin, after being asked last night if she's ready to announce her 2012 intentions.

"I think it is still too early to declare candidacy. I think it's too early for anyone."

Sean Hannity then mentioned that other candidates have already formed exploratory committees, and wondered whether Palin should form one now.


"That isn't even on the radar -- that type of step yet -- because I do think that even that is early, and you know, I've never really run for anything conventionally over the last couple decades -- be it City Council, or Conference of Mayor's presidency, or Mayor, or City Manager, or Governor.

.... I've just jumped in there and done it when I've known it's the right thing to do, so it's going to be an unconventional run, if I so choose to do that."

Suggestion for Palin: nixing the City Council, Mayor part of her resume, when listing her qualifications. She scored 530 votes when she won the seat on the City Council and 909 when she won the mayorship of the tiny hamlet.

That's like saying you're a mountain climber because you won king of the hill on a compost pile as a kid.