Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pat Buchanan battles Donald Trump

The two sparred over Barack Obama's country of origin on Morning Joe.

BUCHANAN: The Honolulu Advertiser -- I guess it was just about a week later, it put in the previous week's births, and it's got Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. right in there.

TRUMP: Right, absolutely. And you know who did that, Pat?

It was the grandparents.... you just said the key words: it was one week later. So he could've been born in Kenya, they come over to the United States, the grandparents -- they put the ads in -- and I'm telling you: there is a major chance that this guy has violated the United States Constitution.

BUCHANAN: Donald, you'd have to bring the kid out of Kenya and bring him back to the United States. You got documents for all that, do you not?

I mean, the mother would have to travel within a short period of time, there'd be records of all that.

TRUMP: Pat, there are.

You know what I ask myself? Why has Obama spent over $2 million on trying to get away from this issue? Why?

BUCHANAN: I think something's on the birth certificate.

TRUMP: If I were a reporter -- thank God I'm not -- I would be on this issue, because you know what? If I proved this right, I would be the Watergate reporter -- one of the great reporters in history.

I would have uncovered the greatest scam ever in this history.

Quick note: I wonder if Buchanan thinks Obama's religion is listed as "Muslim" on his birth certificate, because he mentions that he thinks there's something the POTUS doesn't want anyone to see on it.

Trump himself has wondered about the same possibility.