Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pawlenty wins New Hampshire tea party straw poll

Conservative activists gathered for a New Hampshire tea party coalition event yesterday gave Tim Pawlenty the edge in a presidential straw poll.

1. Tim Pawlenty 17.3%

2. Herman Cain 16.6%

3. Ron Paul 12.9%

4. Donald Trump 10.8%

5. Michele Bachmann 10.5%

6. Rick Santorum 9.1%

7. Mitt Romney 8.5%

8. Newt Gingrich 3.7%

9. Sarah Palin 3.4%

Caveat: Pawlenty and Herman Cain both gave speeches, which at least, partially explains their illustrious performances.

Ron Paul didn't give a speech, and his showing here demonstrates his remarkable strength in straw polls across the country (which are very different beasts than other sorts of polling).

Regardless, you have to score this as a minor win for Pawlenty. Not only did he pick up tea party points for actually going, the participants also rewarded him with their straw affections.