Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rasmussen: Huckabee tied with Obama

A new Rasmussen poll of hypothetical general election match-ups shows Mike Huckabee faring best against Barack Obama.

a. Barack Obama 43% Mike Huckabee 43%

b. Barack Obama 45% Mitt Romney 40%

c. Barack Obama 42% Ron Paul 34%

d. Barack Obama 42% Haley Barbour 34%

e. Barack Obama 48% Sarah Palin 38%

f. Barack Obama 45% Tim Pawlenty 35%

g. Barack Obama 49% Newt Gingrich 37%

h. Barack Obama 42% Jon Huntsman 31%

i. Barack Obama 45% Mitch Daniels 32%

j. Barack Obama 43% Herman Cain 25%

Pollster Scott Rasmussen warns about paying too much attention to the specific match-ups.

The best single measure of the president’s reelection prospects can be found by generally ignoring the match-up polls and watching the president’s job approval rating.

It is reasonably safe to assume that the president’s actual vote total on Election Day 2012 will be close to his overall job approval rating among Likely Voters.

If the president’s ratings move over 50%, he will be hard to beat. If they fall below 45% consistently, the race would probably be the Republicans to lose.