Monday, April 18, 2011

Trump: Rove "devastated" by Romney's performance

On Fox & Friends this morning, Donald Trump fired back at Karl Rove for calling him a "joke candidate."

"One of the problems that Rove has is that he's devastated, I understand, that Romney's doing so badly.

He took a shot at me the other day, which was, I think, disgraceful, but he's devastated by the fact that Romney is doing so poorly.

.... Frankly, Karl Rove got more publicity from this than he has for anything in awhile."

Trump then offered another reason for Rove's comments.

"But really, probably, what bothers Karl -- and I understand this. I fully understand this -- I am very upset at Bush, because Bush had a really bad period of time, and he gave us Obama, and Karl Rove was Bush, and a lot people say Karl Rove was Bush."

Trump's assertion that Romney is doing poorly in the polls is hardly air-tight, since Romney regularly runs at or near the top of 2012 GOP primary polls.

Second, Rove has been candid about Romney's obstacles as a candidate.

Just last week, Rove isolated RomneyCare as a major stumbling block.

"He's got two big challenges.... the biggest which is how to differentiate what happened in Massachusetts from what President Obama did.

So far, he's got sort of a 10th Amendment defense that says 'Look, Massachusetts and each state has a right to experiment on its own. Federal government shouldn't be coming in, doing a one-size-fits-all plan for all of the country. Here are the differences between Massachusetts and what Obama did to the country.'

We'll see how far that goes. But it is his biggest challenge."

As for Rove's opinion of Trump, The Architect called him a "joke candidate" last week, which set up today's rejoinder