Monday, April 4, 2011

Why Pawlenty talks about meat-packing

Tim Pawlenty tells the Des Moines Register why he continually brings up his blue-collar, union-background in the meat-packing town of St. St Paul, MN.

"When people know that, they're open ... to hearing what you have to say, because they believe your life story connects at a heart and gut level like many of their life stories."

It's a contrast with Mitt Romney that you have to think Tim Pawlenty welcomes.

David Frum:

Romney’s story is very impressive in its own way: born to a successful father, he achieved an even greater success of his own.

Yet Romney seems to have arrived at his success so smoothly, so gracefully, and so without inner turmoil and pain as to open a huge gap between his experiences and those of virtually everyone else in the United States. If he is to be president, he must find a way to close it.