Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Huge tea party group trying to knock off Romney

Huffington Post's Jon Ward:

A top goal of the nation’s most influential national Tea Party group is to stop Mitt Romney from winning the Republican nomination for president.

Interviews with top officials at FreedomWorks, a Washington-based organizing hub for Tea Party activists around the country, revealed that much of their thinking about the 2012 election revolves around derailing the former Massachusetts governor.

“Romney has a record and we don’t really like it that much,” said Adam Brandon, the group’s communications director.

Vital to that goal? Uniting behind a single tea party candidate, like Michele Bachmann or another natural fit, Sarah Palin.

It's a key point. Often, the tea party movement is viewed as splintered and more concerned with ideological purity than winning.

But Freedom Works seems to understand that they have to pick the most electable alternative to Romney and unite behind him or her.

That's bad news for Herman Cain, but very good stuff for Bachmanna and Palin.