Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Perry adviser: Boss "thinking" about run

Rick Perry strategist, Dave Carney, talks to the Texas Tribune about his friend's presidential mindset.

"Obviously, it’s flattering to have everybody, Rush Limbaugh and all these other conservative, right-of-center leaders, talk about you, urging you to think about it, urging you to run, saying they support you. But I don’t see any difference in terms of the governor’s thinking,

.... I’m sure he’s thinking about it because it’s just human nature when you have Rush Limbaugh spend 20 minutes talking about you and have all these other people mention you, that you don’t sort of think that’s flattering and think about it. But I don’t see any change in his direction, what he’s planning to do."

It's important to note that Carney signed on with Newt Gingrich's prez campaign, although he's obviously still qualified to give his thoughts.

Vid via The Texas Tribune:

[Hat tip: Alexander Burns]