Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wisconsin: Obama up big

A new Public Policy Polling survey shows Barack Obama leading the best-known 2012 prospects in Wisconsin.

a. Barack Obama 50% Paul Ryan 43%

b. Barack Obama 51% Mitt Romney 39%

c. Barack Obama 53% Newt Gingrich 35%

d. Barack Obama 55% Sarah Palin 36%

Favorable Ratings:

a. Paul Ryan 41%/46% for -5%.

b. Mitt Romney 29%/49% for -20%.

c. Sarah Palin 32%/63% for -31%.

d. Newt Gingrich 15%/67% for -52%.

Barack Obama's approval rating is 52%/44%.

Paul Ryan fares best against Obama, thanks to strong consolidation among Republicans for the home-stater. To wit: he picks up 89% of Republicans, while Newt Gingrich takes just 74%.

Romney takes just 81% of Republicans with 10% undecided, while Obama is at 89% against Romney. So -- the former gov. from MA has room to grow and make it a tougher match.

As for Newt...

Gingrich's numbers may be particularly bad in Wisconsin because of his recent spat with Paul Ryan who's an absolutely adored figure with GOP voters in the state. 77% have a favorable opinion of him to 12% with a negative one.