Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Huntsman on the tea party

On Fox News last night, Jon Huntsman said that the "anger and outrage" of the tea party can be effective.

"What I've said consistently about the tea party movement, and -- just watching it from 10,000 miles away -- it is a manifestation of our democracy.

It is a manifestation of the anger and outrage that people feel in this country.

It's the way that we do business in the United States, and if it puts pressure on elected officials to do things a little differently, to begin to balance the books, to look at a balanced-budget amendment so on and so forth, then that's a good outcome."

It's an interesting concession, since one of Huntsman's primary arguments is that "civility" should take primacy in the political discourse -- and I put the word in quotes because it's nearly impossible for politicians to agree on what civility is and isn't one month before an election.

Regardless, Huntsman here acknowledges the effectiveness and benefit of anger in political expression ("balance the books", "balanced-budget amendment" and "so forth" etc).