Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Palin could win an Emmy

TLC has entered "Sarah Palin's Alaska" for consideration in four Emmy categories -- best reality program, music composition, picture editing, and cinematography.

Two take-aways:

1. If the show wins in any of those categories, Palin herself gets an Emmy, because she's listed as an executive producer of the show.

2. TLC submitted it into "best reality program". Palin has repeatedly and passionately claimed it's not a reality show, but instead, a documentary -- a distinction she rapped Karl Rove for failing to make when he questioned whether starring in a reality show would affect her gravitas.

When pressed, Rove threw Palin a bone on the categorization, but wouldn't back off his original criticism.

"She took offense at the characterization of her reality show. I'll accept that it's a travelogue heralding Alaska through the experiences of family.

My point was this: I'm an analyst for Fox. I'm called upon to analyze how people are positioning themselves to run for President, and I said I didn't see how this television show on Discovery Channel helped position her to run for President."

It now seems Rove was probably right -- TLC did view this as a reality show; not a documentary.

Is its categorization a big deal? No. But Palin certainly made a huge one out of it.