Friday, July 15, 2011

Bristol: Mom's resignation was act of service

Bristol Palin told Jay Leno last night that her Mom "just wanted to put her state first" when she decided to resign.

LENO: When she quit as governor, do you think that's hurt her chances of running for president?

PALIN: I don't think so. No. Definitely not.

LENO: Now why not?

PALIN: There were so many lawsuits filed against her, and it was just costing the state tons of money and us personally tons of money, and she just wasn't able to do her job with those lawsuits.

LENO: But that happens with every governor -- lawsuits. It's all part of the job.

PALIN: Not to the magnitude that she was getting. She just wanted to put her state first.

She knew it wasn't good for the taxpayers to be paying that kind of stuff.

Vid via World Press.