Friday, July 1, 2011

Huntsman team rips Meg Whitman

Two days ago, Meg Whitman -- a national finance chair for close friend, Mitt Romney -- cast Romney as a businessman and Jon Huntsman a politician, according to Reuters.

That didn't set well with Team Huntsman.

A Huntsman spokesman immediately went on the attack, slamming both Whitman and Romney.

"Meg Whitman's comments are puzzling considering, as CEO, she shipped over a 1,000 Ebay jobs from California to Governor Huntsman in Utah, which was the fastest growing state under his pro-business policies.

.... What's more, the only thing separating the length of Romney's political career from Governor Huntsman is that Romney's lost two elections -- and Huntsman's two for two."

And then Huntsman's spokesman, the candidate of civility, sneered at Whitman for losing her California gubernatorial campaign against Jerry Brown.

"If I were advising Meg Whitman, I would recommend she not brag about losing elections."

That's standard hard-ball for campaigns, but as Jill Lawrence recently noted, the Huntsman campaign has cast itself as a high-minded, above-the-fray campaign, which is immediately questionable considering the choice of the irascible John Weaver to set direction.

UPDATE: A reader notes that the Huntsman spokesman who said Whitman "shipped over a 1,000 Ebay jobs from California to Governor Huntsman in Utah" is playing a little loose with the facts.

Ebay's main expansion into Utah came in 1999 when the state's governor was Mike Leavitt; not Huntsman.

But, I should add that while Huntsman was governor, Ebay did, indeed, also expand its operations in the state, though not to the tune of 1,000 jobs.