Friday, July 15, 2011

Perry jacks up donor level

Paul Burka on an August 9 fundraiser for Texans for Rick Perry -- his state PAC.

What really raised eyebrows about the invitations is that the amount of solicited contributions has been taken to an unprecedented level.

Not so long ago, a $10,000 check was considered generous.

The top donor level for sponsorships at the upcoming fundraiser is $100,000/Lone Star Council Platinum.

The donor level names politicians come up with are awesome -- in this case, Lone Star Council Platinum.

My fiancee and I are looking at wedding reception venues right now and came across a place that offers a plastic arch and balloons, which is part of "The Platinum Package". Strangely enough, it made the plastic arch and balloons sound better for a few seconds (we ultimately passed on "The Platinum Package").

[Hat tip: Morning Score]