Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Perry's position on gay marriage isn't new

Last week, Rick Perry sided with states' rights on gay marriage, telling an audience that New York's decision to recognize gay marriage was "fine" with him.

But that wasn't anything new for him. Instead, it was an affirmation of previous statements on the issue.

Here's a little gem from Perry's visit to the Daily Show set last November in the GOP12 archive.

"California voted for gay marriage.

In Texas, we got a constitutional amendment against it, and what I consider -- that is the beauty of this union is that if you want to go live in places where they have a big tax structure, real expansive regulatory climate, where trial lawyers are free to sue just about anytime and anywhere, and you want to go somewhere where you can smoke medicinal weed, then you ought to be able to do that."

Later, he called gay marriage the state's "call."

STEWART: Would you like to see -- at some level -- Texas as its own country? Little bit? Little bit? United Republic of Texas.

PERRY: No, we like it. Look, we been there before, and it was a brutal 10 years.

STEWART: Can I tell you something? Texas is a beautiful state, and I've been down there many times -- Austin, Lubbock, San Antonio -- it is really a great state.

PERRY: But we just as soon stay with you guys.

STEWART: That's very kind of you. Are you sure, 'cause we might start gay marrying all over the place. You'd better be careful.

PERRY: But you know what, that's your call. That's your call.

Meanwhile, there's continuing fall-out over Perry's New York comments.

Gary Bauer, the influential evangelical and president of American Values, blasts him in an interview with Real Clear Politics.

"His comments were inartful and disappointing. The 10th Amendment and states' rights is very important to conservatives, but it's not our highest value.

.... There are some things so fundamentally wrong that we have not left those things up to the states."