Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cheney: Perry's Texas roots help

Dick Cheney was loathe to wade into the 2012 race on Fox & Friends today, but he did acknowledge part of Rick Perry's appeal.

HOST STEVE DOOCY: You lived in Texas, we were talking a little while ago, for four years. You know Mr. Perry a bit, and there's something about him.

Is it the fact that he is very Texan that has attracted a lot of people?

CHENEY: I think so.

I was always struck by the extent to which the rest of the country is attracted to Texas and to Texas politicians. Things are big there, and it is different.

I was a citizen of Texas for five years when I was running Halliburton.... but there is just a different feel to it. It's the West. There's a strong sense of independence, and a little bit of arrogance, maybe.

Two things.

1. Cheney endorsed Kay Bailey Hutchison in her 2012 primary battle with Perry.

2. Don't you love how Cheney gratuitously slips in "when I was running Halliburton." Perfect example of how unaffected he was/is by political winds.