Monday, August 29, 2011

Huntsman, Fox host spar over global warming

On Fox & Friends this morning, host Brian Kilmeade challenged Jon Huntsman about his belief in global warming.

HUNTSMAN: I've always said, and it's on the record.... climate change has an established body of science associated with it. That's all I'm going to say.

KILMEADE: And a lot of corruption surrounding it, which has a lot of eyebrows up.

HUNTSMAN: But beyond that, let's get serious about the issues of the day.

KILMEADE: Well, tell the scientists to get serious about making things up.

HUNTSMAN: The issues are about dealing with the debt we face and creating jobs. Everything else right now is a side-show.

KILMEADE: That's true, but we're not the ones taking grant money with scientists and making up results which hurt the cause, in particular.

Huntsman famously embraced global warming in a tweet two weeks ago -- one that got him a lot of press.

It's ironic that he's now call it a "side-show" when he was the one raising the issue with the provocative tweet.