Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Karl Rove denies feud with Rick Perry

On Fox News last night, Karl Rove disputed the notion of a feud between himself and Rick Perry.

BILL O'REILLY: You don't really like him, do you?

ROVE: No, I do like him. Hey, I'm the guy -- I was one of two people who went to him in 1989 and convinced him to switch parties and become Republican.

O'Reilly then asked Rove whether he had reservations about Perry, and Rove immediately referenced Perry's controversial comments about Ben Bernanke, which had set off Rove's first line of public attack against Perry last week.

Rove claimed that he was just serving honestly in his role as Fox News analyst.

"Here's my deal. Fox asked me to come on and be an analyst. Mr. Murdoch pays you, and he pays me. And he pays us both for speaking our minds.

And I thought, frankly, it did not help Governor Perry's cause to come on and accuse the federal reserve board chairman of being guilty of a crime, punishable by death, and then to add to it by saying "we would treat him ugly in Texas".

I was critical of the comment -- in a way -- to hopefully discourage him from going down that path again. He wisely, the next day, was given a chance by the New York Times to repeat the charge, and didn't, and I thought that was smart.

Everybody gets a mulligan, and when I comment on somebody who's running for president -- Republican or Democrat -- I'm trying to do for the Fox viewer what I've been told to do, which is: give my best analysis."

By most accounts, Rove and Bush's team have been in a long, undeclared feud with the Perry camp for years.