Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mitt Christie

Here's Mitt Romney, getting chippy yesterday at a townhall in New Hampshire, after a hostile questioner started interrupting him.

"You had your turn, Madam, let me have mine... I'm sorry -- it's my turn!"

Romney's been doing this a fair amount, as of late.

I have a gut feeling that he's trying to reproduce some Chris Christie magic; in fact, he probably knows that the thing that makes Christie so effective in a townhall environment is the dynamic Romney most sorely lacks -- authenticity and passion.

When Christie's frank and borderline rude, it's becoming because it's exactly what you'd expect from a portly, former prosecutor, who's taking on more unions than 600 Norma Raes could dream up on a three hour lunch break.

But when Mitt tries to have a Chris Christie moment, it clashes with his essential persona -- the calm, collected business executive.

It's also less believable, because argument implies disagreement, and Romney's faced with the perception that he just changes beliefs to earn agreement from voters. Thus, the spectacle of his sparring is doubly jarring.

Watch it and see what you think.

Vid via Mediaite.