Friday, August 19, 2011

Palin: Democrats regret Obama, pine for Hillary

On Greta Van Susteren's show last night, Sarah Palin said that Hillary Clinton's statement on Syria highlighted both her "presidential aura" and Democrats' sadness with their 2008 choice of Barack Obama.

"I take it literal that he was getting ready for, packing for vacation, while here it was Secretary Clinton asking on behalf of the United States of America for another president of another country to step down. That is our president's role!

No, this is another example of President Obama leading from behind. Makes you scratch your head and wonder what really does he do?

What does he desire to do in that position of leader of the free world and so much influence that he has, and in a case like this, he's stepping back and allowing Hillary Clinton to basically carry the water for our entire nation.

.... I'll bet you, Greta, going out on a limb because I, obviously, I can't speak for liberal Democrats, but I just think that after a day like this -- where you saw that kind of presidential aura of Hillary Clinton, as she made that announcement today, while Barack Obama was packing to head out for 10 days on vacation again to go golf and tickle his feet in the sand -- I'll bet you people, if they had to do it over again, who had that choice at that time in the Democrat primary between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama -- I bet you, today, they are saying 'We should have gone with Hillary Clinton'."

Btw, I have liberal friends who wish they'd supported Hillary in 2008, because they think Obama has been too conservative. But nothing in Clinton's career suggests she would have been more liberal than Obama or loathe to compromise with Republicans.