Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pawlenty mum on Bachmann's electability

This morning, Tim Pawlenty wouldn't answer whether or not he thought Michele Bachmann would be a "reckless" choice for Republicans to pick.

JAKE TAPPER: Do you think Michele Bachmann would be a reckless pick. You can tell me now, because you're not running anymore.

PAWLENTY: This thing's gonna unfold over the next 6-8 months, and this is a long road, as you well know.

So all of these candidates -- whether it's Congresswoman Bachmann, Governor Perry, all the others -- they're going to be tested.

That's an awfully obvious deflection of a simple question.

Last month, he implied that a Bachmann nomination would be reckless.

Pawlenty was more direct and pointed about his fellow Minnesotan, suggesting that Republicans would be irresponsible to make Bachmann the nominee.

“Certainly the party, for the good, has become more conservative — but it hasn’t become reckless,” he said when asked whether the GOP has become so radicalized in response to Obama they they’d nominate an insurgent like Bachmann.