Thursday, August 4, 2011

Perry hits RomneyCare (again)

In a laboratories of democracy-type of discussion, Rick Perry tells CBN there's one lab producing a strong warning.

“If some state decides to do something like pass a health care plan that, you know, is kind of like this Obama thing, and it’s a failure, then we kind of go, ‘ooh, we don’t want to do that'.”

Vid via Katrina Trinko.

The timing of it (cusp of a primary) makes this attack notable, but in the past, Perry has been more pointed in his attacks on RomneyCare.

Last November, he said Romney needed to apologize for the plan.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is there any way you could ever support Governor Mitt Romney in light of the fact that the Massachusetts health care program is so similar to the national health care plan?

PERRY: I think it's a problem to go -- if he were to stand up and say "You know what, this was a program that didn't work, and I wish I hadn't tried it" -- I think that would help him substantially.

But the fact is: they are so similar that it is going to be a major anchor unless he stands up and repudiates that approach.

And a day earlier, he hit the plan.

“The health-care plan out of Massachusetts, I will suggest to you, is too much like the health-care plan that was passed in Washington."

It'll be a fascinating debate between the two. Romney is keen on talking about his state's experiment as a lab of democracy and an example of federalism.

Perry, too, likes labs, so they can agree on that. They'll just have a different interpretation of a successful lab.