Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Romney strongest against Obama

The second poll in as many days shows Mitt Romney faring better against Barack Obama than his chief rivals.

Public Policy Polling.

a. Mitt Romney 45% Barack Obama 45%

b. Barack Obama 49% Rick Perry 43%

c. Barack Obama 50% Michele Bachmann 42%

d. Barack Obama 49% Herman Cain 39%

e. Barack Obama 53% Sarah Palin 40%

Favorable ratings:

a. Mitt Romney 35%/48% for -13%.

b. Rick Perry 33%/47% for -14%.

c. Herman Cain 24%/40% for -16%.

d. Michele Bachmann 34%/52% for -18%.

e. Sarah Palin 32%/62% for -30%.

Yesterday, a Gallup poll showed Romney edging Obama by 2%, and now PPP's poll has them tied with registered voters. Republicans tend to do better with likely voters, so you'd have to give Romney the slight edge in this survey, as well.

He's doing much better than Perry against Obama because he's more competitive with independents.

Currently, Obama beats Perry by 24% among indies, but Romney cuts that advantage to 9%.

Those are impressive leads for Obama, but are vastly different from Gallup's measurements, released yesterday. In that survey, both Romney and Perry edged Obama with indies... and this isn't a registered vs. likely voter situation. Gallup was also measuring registered voters.

What is clear from both polls is that Romney is positioned best against Obama, even as Perry seems to be catching fire everywhere -- vaulting to the top of polls in Iowa and nationally.

For Romney, it's the same old problem everyone's been writing about for a year now: he might be stronger in a general than in a primary.