Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rove: "Big differences" between RomneyCare, ObamaCare

In a complete reversal, Karl Rove defends Mitt Romney on health care after Barack Obama called RomneyCare the "exact same thing" as ObamaCare yesterday.

"President Obama gave him a big gift today.

There are big differences between what they did in Massachusetts and what they did in Washington.

.... For example, Massachusetts didn't raise taxes. President Obama did -- he raised taxes on hospitals, insurance policies, medical devices, drug companies. He even had a hidden tax on student loans.

The Obama law borrows a bunch of money from Medicare, Social Security, and in a new insurance program called CLASS, in order to pay the current expenses of the health care program and continues to borrow money, decade-after-decade-after-decade on those same programs.... so there are big differences. The question is whether or not Governor Romney is going to seize the opportunity. It's a Christmas gift in August."

This is a total reversal from Rove, who said in May:

"[Romney's] got to answer the big question, which is what do you say about Massachusetts health care?

I mean, it has an individual mandate just like President Obama’s, and it’s got a bunch of bad things that are happening. We’ve got rationing, we’ve got a new survey out that was in the Wall Street Journal editorial page today, where doctors are saying, in essence, they’re not accepting new patients.

It’s taking longer for patients to get in to see doctors for routine procedures or routine exams.

.... I think the question that people want to know is how is Massachusetts health care different from the national one, and what do you have to say about Massachusetts?

Thus far, he’s sort of had the 10th Amendment answer, which is that states have the right to be the laboratories of democracy and test things, but the federal government doesn’t have a right to try and regulate all of us.

I’m not certain that’s satisfactory."

I suspect this will be viewed cynically by those who think Rove is spooked about the Perry/Bachmann train and wants to promote Romney.