Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bachmann won't attack Perry... yet

Robert Costa:

In coming weeks, Bachmann’s campaign, sources say, will be focused on debates. But don’t expect Bachmann to go after Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, her tea-party competitor, at least initially.

Bachmann, another adviser explains, is aiming to use the debate at the Reagan library this week to reassert her credentials and message, “in the style of her New Hampshire debate, not the Iowa debate, where she fought with [Tim] Pawlenty.”

It sounds like she's hoping that Mitt Romney and Rick Perry will forget about her and beat each other up, enabling her to emerge as an alternative to the bleeding front-runners.

So for now, at least, she's probably ditching the common idea that she'll attack Perry to keep him from scooping up all the tea party votes.