Monday, September 12, 2011

Bobby Jindal endorses Perry

CNN's Mark Preston reports that Bobby Jindal will back Rick Perry for president, and is going to be Perry's guest at tonight's GOP presidential debate.


Wow, because Tim Pawlenty endorsed Mitt Romney earlier today, and will be Romney's guest at the debate.

Perry's timing of the endorsement roll-out seems designed to step on Romney. Sort of like how Perry's announcement of a bid stepped on Michele Bachmann's Ames, Iowa straw poll victory.

The obvious question is: who would you rather have backing you -- Jindal or Pawlenty?

The case for Pawlenty:

Even though he didn't have too many supporters, he had a lot of big players in presidential politics on his team and just finished a national campaign in which the only momentum he picked up was from local endorsements and talented consultants and hands. Those are worth something.

But he doesn't have any sort of following that will now turn to Romney. Still, that might be okay. He was one of the harshest critics of RomneyCare and now Romney can deploy him around the country with his favorite talking point: That Romney will repeal ObamaCare, and RomneyCare doesn't matter anymore, because -- again -- Romney will repeal ObamaCare.

The case for Jindal:

His profile fits far better with Perry than with Romney. He's a southern governor with a great executive record and charisma on the stump.

He's a young minority the GOP would like to make the face of the party. Tim Pawlenty is the face of the GOP that the DNC would like to make.

Perry and Jindal frequently allude to each other's records and share a physical border. They're good friends, even when their state's universities squared off in the Cotton Bowl this year.

Perry and Jindal are also just a more dynamic duo than Romney and Pawlenty.

Try this: out of those four, who would you most like to be your college's mascot? The list would probably go something like this.

1. Perry

2. Jindal

3. Romney

4. Pawlenty

The fact that those top two mascots have some of the best executive records out there doesn't hurt.

Btw, the Twitter world is saying that both Pawlenty and Jindal will be appearing for post-debate interviews on CNN.