Monday, September 26, 2011

Pawlenty wanted Fox News gig

Howard Kurtz has a very juicy look at Roger Ailes and Fox News, including this anecdote.

Three weeks after dropping out of the race, Tim Pawlenty showed up to ask for a gig at Fox. But there was a complication: Pawlenty was on the verge of endorsing Romney.

“I’m not sure I want to sign you as a paid spokesman for Romney,” Ailes said.

I assume T-Paw was asking for a role as a contributor; not anything as ambitious as getting his own 1 hour show, ala Mike Huckabee.

A few more fascinating bits, reported by Kurtz.

a. Bill O'Reilly thought Beck was too far right and, supposedly, jealous because both Beck and Rush did better on radio than he.

b. Fox News has dialed down the heat since the Giffords' shooting.

c. In at least one exchange, Fox moderators immediately turned to Rick Santorum after questioning Rick Perry's moderate view on immigration. Apparently, they're well-aware that Santorum is always up to levy an attack.

d. And Chris Wallace referred to Newt Gingrich as "the crazy uncle in the attack".

The anchors spent hours getting ready. In one prep session, [Megyn] Kelly said she wasn’t afraid of Newt Gingrich’s strategy of bashing the media: “If I see him gearing up, I’ll say, ‘Are you going to yell at me?’?”

Wallace, who had been denounced by the former House speaker for “Mickey Mouse” questions, dismissed the subject: “Let him be the crazy uncle in the attic if he wants to be.”