Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Romney defends mandate

Mitt Romney used the auto insurance line on Bill O'Reilly's show last night to defend RomneyCare's individual mandate.

As usual, he distinguishes between mandates at the state and federal level. The only thing notable about the brief discussion is that he's rarely used the auto insurance/your kids go to school defense during this election cycle. Usually, he's asked to differentiate RomneyCare from ObamaCare, as a whole, rather than the individual mandate, in particular. Is it better for Romney to defend just the mandate, or to do defend his state's health care program, as a whole? Has the term "mandate" at any level become so toxic since the last presidential election cycle that it's become synonymous with ObamaCare?

Remember Romney in 2008?

"I like mandates. The mandate works."

Any chance he'd say "I like" this year, regardless of whether he ultimately defends it?