Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rush hits Bachmann over vaccinations

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh said that Michele Bachmann went one step too far today when she claimed that an HPV vaccine might cause "mental retardation."

"Michele Bachmann, she might have blown it today. Well, not blown it -- she might have jumped the shark today. If she'd just left it alone on this vaccination thing from last night.

She's now out saying that this Gardasil drug now causes mental retardation. Somebody in the audience came up to her and told her that -- that's jumping the shark on this. There's no evidence that the vaccine causes mental retardation. That's a shame."

This is the key: Bachmann has gone from attacking Perry's mandate to attacking the vaccine itself. They're completely separate things. Granted, if the vaccine is bad, it makes the mandate look worse, but Bachmann has crossed from the political to the medicinal.

It's the kind of thing that skeptics always maintained -- that Bachmann's discipline problems would hurt her badly in the end.

[Hat tip: Dave Weigel]