Thursday, October 20, 2011

The debate game

Ben Smith reports that a top Mitt Romney strategist, bascially, supports more debates, while a top Rick Perry one doesn't.

That's not surprising, since Romney is the superior debater, but Mitt's team runs a big risk.

The more debates = the more opportunities for someone to land a big blow on Romney, and the more debates, the better Perry might get. Mitt is probably as good as he'll ever be. Presumably, Perry can improve.

So, there are good reasons Perry might want more debates.

Now, the interesting thing is that Perry's team probably knows there are good reasons to want more debates, but they're still uncomfortable with the idea. That probably means one thing -- the Perry team knows Perry is as good as he'll ever be, and there's nothing to be gained by debating more.

(Oh, and P.S: Fox added two more debates today, so we've got at least 16 to go!).