Monday, October 17, 2011

Robert Bork likes Romney's "competence"

Lloyd Grove chats with the former Supreme Court nominee and current Romney-backer.

“I get an impression, a very strong impression, of competence,” Bork says, adding that “in addition to his undoubted skills as a businessman and a governor, Mr. Romney stands out as a leader.”

Bork confides about his role in the campaign: “I’d like to be asked a question now and then for advice. But that’s about the extent of it.” As for his initial attraction to the former governor of Massachusetts, “The first thing that grabbed me about him is, he’s not Obama.”

Republicans often have wildly competing opinions about Mitt Romney (both pro and anti), but one thing they all seem to agree on is that word "competence". Not charismatic. Not particularly ideological. But competent.

In the current political environment, that might be enough to become president.

[Hat tip: Buzz Tracker]